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Robbins Dudley book.  Not many copies now remain, so do not delay in getting your copy.  Once they are gone, they are gone, and there are no plans for another printing.    See another 5* review  on the books page




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​​​​About me. 


​​​​​​​​​I started to collect edged weapons back in the early 1970's when I bought a french brass hilted bayonet as a wall hanger.   A few further purchases got me into buying a book on the subject which led me to the late Gordon Hughes's Primers.   Noting that Gordon had also done a small booklet on Military Knives I also bought that.  But the one thing I noticed from this book was the lack of real information on Military Knives, thus I sold my bayonets and started collecting  military knives.   One of my first purchases being a 1st Pattern F-S knife from Gordon for the sum of £55, a good investment looking at what they are fetching now.


My interest was particularly aimed at research and finding out more about the knives as much as it was in the objects themselves.    This research has over the years resulted in me writing to various museums, companies and individuals and finally many hours spent in the UK National Archives seeking out the World War 2 contracts for the F-S knives.  A slight deviation from the military side but one which partially stemmed from a military style knife was my research into the London cutlery trade and this developed into an interest in antique knives especially bowie style knives.


My various researches have culminated in a number of articles and published works.    I am a member of the Antique Bowie Knife Association and was a member of the now defunct Wilkinson Collectors Society.


My website will provide occasional sales, articles and other information related to my areas of interest.  Click on the  link buttons that to be directed to the appropriate page.  I welcome questions from other serious collectors, though I do not give valuations as there can be many variables that can impact of the value of a knife.   I am also interested in purchasing F-S knives, SOE items and knives (non-surgical) made by WEISS of London.   See my Wanted section for more specific details of my wants.


Ron Flook


Books by Ron Flook:


A Photographic Primer of Military Knives.

     Privately Published by the author in 1990,

                   now out of print








      British and Commonwealth Military


        Published by Airlife in 1999, now out of print. 








                  The London Knife Book.

               Published by Antique Knives Ltd 2008

                              Out of Print








     The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife 

         and other Commando Knives.

       ​Privately published by the author in 2013









 ​    Privately published by the author in 2019

                               Out of Print







         Knives and Daggers of the SOE

Privately published by the author in 2022

                       Out of Print










      History and Knives of

Robbins & Company Dudley


Privately published by Ron Flook and John

Pidgeon in 2023.  - Copies available see

books for sale page






Articles by Ron Flook:


 Argentinian Knives of the Falklands Campaign.  Guns, Weapons and Militaria, April 1984

The Fair Sword.  BLADE  November 1992

Origins of Double Edged Smatchet. Knife World August 1997

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RAF Servicing Commando Knife.  KNIFE Magazine May 2021

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Two F-S Knife Stories True or Not?.  KNIFE Magazine March 2022

Some Fairbairn -Sykes Oddities.  KNIFE Magazine September 2022

The Advance Fist Bayonet.  KNIFE Magazine February 2023

The Special Air Service 1903 Bayonet Conversion Knife.  KNIFE Magazine July 2023

Origins of the First Pattern Fairbairn-Sykes Knife.  KNIFE Magazine January 2024

Canadians and their FS Knives.  KNIFE Magazine April 2024

Military Arm or Sleeve Daggers.  KNIFE Magazine June 2024







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