This page is for general discussion, notes on fakes, items of interest and other areas of interest to Military and Antique knives.

There has been discussion on some forums regarding the application of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 to things like WW1 knuckle knives.   The 2019 Act does NOT overturn the 1988 Act antique defence and items that are over 100 years old can still be bought and sold.  We have this in writing from the Home Office.


​A number of people including some auction houses are says you cannot send knives in the post - this is untrue and not what the law says.

What you must do is have a system in place to check the buyers age and a system that verifies this when item is delivered.  In this respect Royal Mail offer an age verification service.   Your parcel must also be marked to show it contains a bladed article.


On the Home Office website if you search Offensive Weapons there is a page:

 Guns, knives, swords and other offensive weapons: UK border control

​This page initially did not mention the fact of the 100 years rule, after I complained it has now been corrected.   I also have complained about the wording that implied all weapons were banned from import, which is not the case.  The Home Office have agreed to correct this.