This page is for general discussion, notes on fakes, items of interest and other areas of interest to Military and Antique knives.

The new Offensive Weapons Act is still causing a lot of confusion amongst some, especially certain dealers and auction houses who have jumped the gun in claiming they cannot send knives.  This is totally wrong and not what the Act says.   In addition the Act is not yet law and will only become so when a Commencement Order is issued.    The Home Office's own website published this note on the 16th May 2019 which makes the situation clear.

The Act includes a number of other measures to tackle serious violence, including:

a ban on selling bladed products to a residential address without age verification

The government will also consult on guidance for some of the new measures in the Act and engage with businesses and industry on how the legislation will affect them before it comes into force.

You will be able to send to a residential address subject to proper procedures for checking the person is over 18, and as indicated the legislation is not yet in force.

The Home Office has published on their website a new document for consultation.  It is  draft statutory guidance on the Offensive Weapons Act.   The postage aspects are confusing but not as bad as they first seem.

I and a friend and fellow collector have been hoping for a meeting with the Home Office to discuss some aspects of the law in particular the impact of the historic importance defence ( I will post more on this later) but with the current virus issue the meeting has not yet been arranged and probably will not happen for sometime.


AUCTION HOUSES - Some less than honest.

Several years ago I bought from a  dealer a set of rare shoulder titles.  These turned out to be fake and I got my money back with no issues.   Turn clock forward to today and this same dealer who has associations with a auction has for sale in the auction a small batch of insignia which includes what are the same set of titles.  If genuine these would be worth many hundreds of pounds yet the estimate is around £30.   From his expertise he knows what a real set is worth but the lot contains no comment about them being reproductions/fakes or even any mention of the titles  Why not ?

In another auction house, one whose home page boast "our expert staff" has for sale a large amount of what is claimed ot be SOE/MI9 items.   There is supposed to be provenance to a deceased collector and yes it is possible that it did come from one collection, but the 99% of the items are fake.   So why do their expert staff not know this!

Some auction houses do not seem to care they are selling fakes which are catalogued as being genuine relying on less knowledgable buyers to pay good money, and thus earn good commission, for the items without any repercussions on the auction house.