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Limited edition reference book of the History and Knives of Robbins & Company Dudley with related knives by other manufactures, details of fakes, military histories of named knives and Robbins' workers, scabbard variations, extended history of the company. 

This new addition of the small booklet first published in 2018 shows for the first time period adverts for Robbins knives in WW1. The additional research in this edition has information of the staff in WW1, details of the demise of the Company, further information on the fate of the factory location, images of named examples of knives, similar knives by other makers and newly discovered patterns of knives.

Foreward is by Bill Harriman from BBC Antiques Roadshow.

The new books in A4 format hard cover with over double the information of the first edition, including period adverts, service history of named examples, details on fakes, WW1 service of staff, demise of the firm, fate of the site in Dudley including the closing down auction, additional models not previously recorded. 108 pages with 119 photographs, adverts, newspaper cuttings and maps.


The book is priced at £35. cost including postage is as follows

UK - £40

USA, Rest of the World - £62

Europe - £50

Tracked/signed for postage would be extra.

Payment by Paypal friends and family or for UK buyers by cheque.  Details will be provided when ordering.

As John my co-author and I live some distance apart so personally signed copies are not practical but we have some pre-scanned signed stickers that can be applied on request.

We have had our first review from a sale John made on eBay:

"Absolute cracker of a book". 

Another review from a customer:​​​

​​"Wonderful, so much new information about Robbins.  It is unknown for me to read business details etc , but in this case I have , also great to see a knife identified to a person and details of them .  In closing, a great book and my compliments and thanks to you and co author Mr Pidgeon."  


From Bill Harriman:

The book has arrived thanks. It’s fantastic. 
All the best


Thank you for supplying and creating such an awesome item of reference. 


My word its so more comprehensive than the first one.


The best single maker book I have ever seen!


Your book is really good with really good information on the Robbins Co..
I never knew any of that information before and of servicemen who carried any Robbins knives.    (Steve)


I received my copy from Ron a few weeks ago….like any of his books…it’s top rate!



From purchser in Belgium: 

Very good book. 



​​​From buyer in the USA

I got the package today. It is a great book, great job on it. It's exactly what I was looking for. 


From eBay buyer

An absolutely beautiful book with a wealth of information. 


Custormer at the Birmingham Arms Fair:

Hi Ron great to meet you and John today.  I've had my nose in your new
book for the last 3 hours.  Really really good and informative, easy to
read and great for a collector such as me who is new on the knife
collecting journey, thank you.


It is wonderful publication, filled with most useful information



Excellent well researched book, a real gem of a specialist reference book. 


Have now read the Robbin’s book. Excellent, and a new strand of collecting that I will explore.



The book is a fascinating insight into the works and products of Robbins Dudley - I have thoroughly enjoyed the read. 

"from an eBay buyer"


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Published in 2013.

 The research that has gone into this book reveals for the first time the World War 2 contract records as detailed by the Ministry of Supply, and provides proof from the records of Wilkinson Sword that the almost mythical 3 inch crossguard 1st Pattern F-S knife did exist.  The book also gives details of inspection marks found on F-S knives and those responsible for such inspection, and provides illustrations of many of the variants of the knife that can be found.   Chapters on fakes, the F-S knives of other Nations, and other types of knife used by the Commandos of World War 2 are also included.

Softcover.  263 pages, 463 black and white images.

£42 including postage and packing.