The Krogers were KGB agents who ran the Portland Spy ring in the 1960's   Peter Kroger operated under the cover of a book dealer.    The two documents shown are Krogers business card and a business postcard.    Only a few of these came onto the market after they were caught by MI5.   Items such as this rarely if ever come on the market.  £200.   REDUCED TO £150
























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​In preparation THE HISTORY & KNIVES OF ROBBINS DUDLEY.   This booklet in A5 size has 44 pages and covers the history of the firm from its founding to its demise along with illustrations of the knives they made during WW1.   It also provides evidence that their work was official sanctioned by the Ministry of Munitions.    Watch this space for further details on price and availability.



Published in 2013.

 The research that has gone into this book reveals for the first time the World War 2 contract records as detailed by the Ministry of Supply, and provides proof from the records of Wilkinson Sword that the almost mythical 3 inch crossguard 1st Pattern F-S knife did exist.  The book also gives details of inspection marks found on F-S knives and those responsible for such inspection, and provides illustrations of many of the variants of the knife that can be found.   Chapters on fakes, the F-S knives of other Nations, and other types of knife used by the Commandos of World War 2 are also included.

Softcover.  263 pages, 463 black and white images.

£42 including postage and packing.