Note that in order to comply with UK law I will only sell knives to persons over 18.   If you are a new customer or are otherwise unknown to me please do not be offended if I ask for proof of age.

​​​As a collector myself I know that finances can at times be tight and we may not always be able to buy what we want.    However I have had a couple of instances recently where I have gone to the trouble of getting postage  and insurance quotes and the deal struck with payment promised.  Only for the potential buyer to back out at the very last minute and in one instance I had in the meantime told a regular customer that the piece had sold.   I am always happy to co-operate and work with serious buyers if for more expensive items a payment plan is in order.    

 It is also worth mentioning for overseas buyers (i.e. outside of the EU) that I will work with you in terms of customs forms and value.   Items will always be sent by tracked a signed for, where it is available for your country.  However note that insurance can be very expensive but if you choose not to take it or wish it at a low value it would be at your risk.​​​


 ​Original 1942 dated 2nd Pattern F-S drawing.


I am lucky enough to own the original Wilkinson tracing drawing of the 2nd Pattern F-S produced in 1942.    Some years ago I did a limited number of reprints of this drawing but since then it has been filed away.    If there is sufficient interest I will look to redo the reprints at full size.   The size being 23.5 inches by 33 inches.      A copy of the drawing is shown below.   Price including UK postage will be £18. Prices for overseas vary depending on USA, Australia, Europe. will get postage once I know your location.



























Multi Tool Knife Set.  Although not maker marked, the pen blade just being marked FOREIGN, this is one the best multi tool knife sets I have ever seen all piece being of excellent quality.    The only flaw that I can see with the whole set is some small areas of surface corrosion to the pen knife, and some small areas of lifting to the plating on a few of the tools.  The leather case is of very good quality.   SOLD


A very rare one of a kind Wilkinson Shakespear Knife blade with sheath.   This style of Shakespear knife blade and its accompanying sheath is of a style never previously noted with Shakespear knives, and was shown in my London Knife Book.   The blade is a flat "oval" shape and carries the etched panel of SHAKESPEAR KNIFE WILKINSON PALL MALL.   The tang has flat section and a threaded top which is unlike that seen with other Shakespear knives.  Also the sheath is a plain tan leather with belt flap.   There is some staining to blade and a very slight 'ding' at the tip.    The piece shows all the signs of never having been completely assembled with a grip, and the blade form and sheath are considered to be a unique examples.   Blade length is 8 inches.    Of note that a Shakespear Knife of standard form recently sold for in excess of $10000.  Price of this unique piece is £750.   More images available on request  NOW £700


​​Mid Victorian era folding lock back dirk by William Nicholson.   9.25 inches open, 5 inches closed with horn scales.  Ricasso marked to W NICHOLSON PATENT along with VR crown. Mark is partial obscured as it overlaps the ricasso.  Metal parts a dull with age and there is some side wobble and slight slackness in the locked position.   You will also note that it does not appear to lock open in s straight line but this is a feature I have seen on several period lock back dirks.

£385 including UK postage, oversea extra.    NOW £350 


SOE Single Blade lock knife.  This is an original WW2 SOE single blade lock knife, officially known as Dagger Jack Single Blade.    And please note this is not one of the post WW2 knives of similar form and which have a makers name that many dealers try and sell as SOE.   Grips are perfect, blade has some staining and light sharpening, the lock mechanism is weak and does not always lock.    This pattern is scarcer than the one with tyre slasher blade records in the National Archives showing that 30800 single blade versions were made compared to 87000 tyre slasher versions.   £400 including UK postage.  NOW £350 = SOLD


Lock back folding dirk by James Rodgers.  Written up in the Journal of the Antique Bowie Knife Association.   Grips are polished bone.   £650 including UK postage.  Overseas postage extra.  More images available on request.   NOW £625


ROYAL NAVY jack knife of the type used from prior to WW2 up until  1986 when they were phased out.   This example is by HARRISON FISHER and dates from the early 80's.  I personally had this knife in the Falklands.    £50 including UK postage.


Yataghan bladed bowie by DREWETT (London)

 In Ken Burton’s A Sure Defence The Bowie Knife Book page 51 plate 71 he shows a  Yataghan blade bowie by Ruddiman of Edinburgh.    John Ruddiman was a cutler and surgical instrument maker who is listed from 1839 to 1888 at 80 Leith Street Edinburgh.   Up until recently this and the rather heavy example shown in Flayderman page 107 are the only bowies using this yataghan blade form I can recall seeing. 

This further example of such a blade form is marked  DREWETT.   Richard Drewett is listed as a cutler who operated from two addresses in London.  He was at 1 Spencer Place, Brixton Road  between 1855 and 1860 with a further record for 1864 showing him at 1 Swan Place, Brixton Road.  These two addresses are possibly the same place as Spencer Place went through some renaming in the 1800’s.  There is no trace after 1864.   Drewett was almost certainly a retailer rather than a manufacturing cutler.   

The Drewett example is 12.875 inches overall with a 7.625 inch blade.   The grip style is identical to that on the Ruddiman example.   The back edge is 3.5 inches in length.   One interesting feature is that the guard is held by a pin through the blade there being small cut outs in the sheath locket to accommodate the pin.   Scales are chequered horn.  

Except for the pinned guard and size the Ruddiman and Drewett examples are virtually identical pointing to the almost certainly to the same maker.    But who this is remains unknown.   £650 including UK postage overses postage extra depending on location.  SOLD